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January 04, 2009


Mike Campbell

Great post. It's really good to see accounting considered a recession-proof occupation. The six steps are well-worth reading for anyone.

Marsha Egan

Working is absolutely key. It is time NOW to expand the Social Media Networking platform. It used to be that networking groups and cocktail parties were the best way to build that network -- there's a new sheriff in town, and it is Social Media. Are you LinkedIn?

Johnny Galaga


Accounting is NOT recession proof! Try telling that to all the unemployed accountants right now. This whole website is overly optimistic. Why not just tell the truth. Look at all the threads on



There are gobs of people talking about how they've been laid off or can't find work in the first place.

JS Mackie

These are some handy tips, although it is not always possible to guarantee a completely recession proof career or position, we can at least try and protect ourselves as much as possible.

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