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March 02, 2009


Debbie Weil


You're the coolest! Ultra flattered to be in the company of Seth Godin and Tim Sanders.

Julia Smith

What great insight by Seth Godin! Great point about the superficiality of mindlessly adding friends just to add friends. He sees the underlying motivation. Am I doing this to help someone else? Do I genuinely care? Am I genuine or superficial? "Ouch" Thanks, Seth. Love those green frames, too!

Johnny Galaga

Networking does not matter when unemployment is 10%+. If all the same people go out and network or post stuff real carefully online, then you still have the same mass of people competing for the same few jobs.

And besides, half the employers do nothing more than tell you tell apply online which we all know is a waste of time.

Tom Hood

I disagree with your riff Networking matters for job hunting, for success in a career, and for maintaining relationships (in work and life).

Johnny, it seems you continue to rant from every angle and every subject you can find on our blogs. I am sorry you have seemed to have a bad experience in the CPA profession. Having a job that allows me to work with CPAs from all sectors and from students to retirees, I have to say that most have found it to be an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience.

I hope you find your calling soon.

CPA Website Guy

Seth is a marketing GENIUS. His blog is required reading here at the CPA Site Solutions Tribe. ;)

I'm not that familiar with Tim, but I love the title concept. I'm always pushing my clients to stop chasing Google rank and get down to some good old-fashioned networking!

Daniel Stoica

Those with pure motives will be successful in networking both on and off line.

Successful networkers derive an intrinsic satisfaction from contributing to others' success.

Thank You For the Awesome Post and vid.

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