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March 23, 2009



Thanks for the shout-out to Roger CPA Review, Tom! Both Roger's and your post truly highlight the benefits of being a CPA. After crunching the numbers, I think that one can make no mistake about it - it is worth it in the long run.


If you really are CPA I shame on you. As a CPA you shouldn't be writing that kind of comment and avoid talking about our profession like you did it here. You better go to resing from your license and let people work

FASB Galaga

LOL. And just what kind of comment should I be writing as a CPA? Nothing I posted was untrue. Just because I'm a CPA doesn't mean I will follow along like another brainwashed office drone and pretend like this is a guaranteed great career. I'd much rather post the truth so that the pros and cons of accounting will be free of material misstatement in accordance with generally accepted living standards in the United Standards Of America.


Thank you FASB Galaga for telling me the truth. I almost wasted my time getting an accounting degree. I have a feeling you are the only one telling the truth. Thanks.

Johnny Galaga

LOL. Meanwhile I was at a career fair today and asked someone from KPMG what's the most amount of hours you have to work per week and he said like 55. Enjoy your accounting degree. LOL.

Tom Hood

There is no question that accounting is not for everybody, yet the truth is that it remains one of the most stable and versatile jobs you can get. Many have found it to be an extremely rewarding career. Isn't it about time you found your calling and moved on from all of your negativity? I wish you future success and happiness.

Simple Truth

FASB Galaga is correct. A lot of my friends who are accounting majors are having lots of trouble finding work. The ones that do find work earn below average market wages. Seems like the best field to get into right now is energy - green tech. and alternative energy.

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