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February 11, 2010


Rebecca Tervo, CPA

I have fond memories of spending every weekend for the entire weekend in Dekalb IL at the Univesity of IL where they offered a live CPA exam training class. My key to success was spending the whole weekend at class and doing the problems/reading just like the professors advocated. Then, spending several dedicated hours at my local library every single evening with earplugs doing more problems/studying. I had a 3 and 1 year old at home at the time, and promised my husband I'd pass it in the first try. The reason I passed it the first time came down to one thing: BURNING DESIRE TO DO IT! If you don't have the desire, you won't be motivated to find the path to get you there! Good luck to all the new CPA to be's!


I agree that the burning desire to pass the exam does help!

Here is my 2 cents based on my experience:

* Have a good and realistic study plan that suit your own schedule and work/home commitment, an stick with it;
* Sign up for a review course that fit your style of studying;
* Find out the hot / difficult topics for eachof the 4 sections and prioritize your study accordingly
* Focus in working on exam practice questions, and redo the wrong ones at least twice to make sure you get them right and for the right reason;
* Understand what the examiners are trying to test (or trick!) you;
* Learn how examiners grade written communications -- it can be the easiest 10 points if you know the tactics.

Would love to hear the thoughts from the rest of you.

Cheers, and for the candidates, best of luck to the exam! Stephanie

CPA exam courses

Just like in life...goals get us through hard times. You'll be more eager to save money for that new car versus just saving money. Same thing applies to passing the CPA exam. That end result is what makes it all worthwhile!

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